Memorial services offer an opportunity for the family, friends and other people to gather and honor the deceased. It is also an opportunity to provide support and comfort people who were close to the person who has died. However, planning a meaningful memorial service is not easy. There are several things you need to consider and observe.

Even though planning a memorial service is a personal process, the decisions you make are based on your relationship with the deceased, what the deceased liked or desired to be included, the cost of the memorial service, and many other factors. If you are planning to have a memorial for your loved one, here are some factors that can help you have a meaningful service

How to Plan a Meaningful Memorial Service

1. Include friends

Friends are essential in any memorial service. Some are even close to the deceased more than the family members. Therefore, to plan a meaningful memorial service, it is wise to include friends. Have enough seats for them and allocate time for them to speak. Apart from consoling the family members, friends provide a personal touch that is so important in a memorial service. Friends can also help in the planning of the service.

2. Involve all family members

No one knows the deceased like the family members. Hence, whether some family members are in different countries or not, ensure you involve all of them. Tributes from family members, especially children are very meaningful. The kids can share personal stories, life lessons, and humor during the service. Even though it might be emotional, it is mean a lot to involve all the family members.

family members

3. Include favorite passions

Everyone has his favorite things that he or she is passionate about. Some of the ideas include dolls, cars, sports, art, pets, photography, and many others. Therefore, to have a meaning memorial for your loved one, it is important to include the things they are passionate about. For instance, if the deceased was an artist, you can consist of some art in the service. You can also play their music if the person who has passed away was a musician.

4. Add some special music

Music is the right medicine of the heart. Even though we all have different tastes, it is hard to have people who do not like music. And to make the memorial service meaningful, ensure you incorporate special music. Happily, many great songs can be played during the function. The songs are comforting, lovely and created for such events.

5. Personalize the flowers


Today, florists have become very creative. They can accommodate all your requests. Whether you want a particular type of flowers or different styles, you can have anything you want. This means you can personalize the flowers. Some of the examples include golf clubs, cowboy flowers, fishing poles, and many others. However, it is essential to add friends and family members when choosing the flowers to ensure you have a meaningful memorial service.

These are just a few ideas to help you plan a meaningful memorial service. You do not have to include all the suggestion but only those that can make the function one of a kind.