How to Arrange a Funeral

Funeral arrangements can be made either in your own home or at one of our four funeral homes. In order to make the funeral arrangements, our Family Liaison Officer will need to know:

  • Full name of the deceased.
  • Full postal address and telephone number of the deceased.
  • Age of the deceased on their last birthday.
  • Place of death and date of death.
  • Confirmation of whether the deceased had a pacemaker fitted (pacemakers must be removed before a cremation).
  • Marital status of the deceased.
  • If the deceased is married – full name, postal address and telephone number of spouse.
  • If the deceased is not married – full name, postal address and telephone number of next of kin or person taking responsibility for the funeral arrangements.
  • A copy of the Registrars Certificate for Burial or Cremation (Known as the Green Certificate).

We will guide you through every step of arranging a funeral with dignity and sensitivity. To ensure that the funeral we provide is in accordance with your wishes, our Family Liaison Officer will ask you the following questions:

  • Did the deceased have a Pre-payment Funeral Plan?
  • Would you like a Basic Funeral?
  • When bringing the deceased into our care, would you like us to return or dispose of any items of clothing?
  • If the deceased is wearing any jewellery, would you like us to return these or do you wish for them to remain with the deceased?
  • Will anyone wish to visit the deceased in the Chapel of Rest?
  • Would you like us to carry out Hygienic Treatment?
  • Would you like us to dress the deceased in their own clothing or in a gown provided by us?
  • Would you like to view our comprehensive Coffin & Casket range?
  • Where will the service be held?
  • Who will lead the service?
  • Is the committal to be burial or cremation?
  • If burial, would you like information on Woodland Burials?
  • Preferred day and time of funeral service and committal service?
  • Would you like music?
  • Would you like an Order of Service?
  • Would you like floral tributes or donations in lieu to a favourite Charity?
  • Do you require an Obituary in a National or Local Newspaper?
  • Would you like to provide any Limousines?
  • Are there any special requests or arrangements you would like Chelmsford Star to make?

Before signing the duplicated Funeral Arrangement Form, our Family Liaison Officer will explain in full your liability of Funeral expenses and provide guidance on the financial help provided by the Department of Work and Pensions.

We will also provide you with a Client Folder that contains information such as, Our Services, a comprehensive price list, and coffin price list, floral brochure, the Bereavement Register leaflet, Probate leaflet and the Bereavement & Aftercare Support Group Flyer together with a copy of the signed Funeral Arrangement Form.

A letter of Confirmation of Funeral Arrangements, Estimate of Funeral Charges and Disbursement Fees will be sent to you prior to the funeral.