Funeral Plans

It’s a way to make things easier for the people around you

Understanding your Concerns

As we look to the future isn’t it odd that we will plan ahead for ourselves, our family and for our security, but few of us will consider planning ahead for the one thing that is unavoidable.

And as we consider our own demise, we realise the importance of planning and preparing for that time. In doing so we achieve the simple assurance that everything will be taken care of, and our loved ones are not left to cope with the emotional and financial responsibility of arranging a funeral.

At our Pre-payment Plan has been designed with these concerns in mind.

Complete Peace of Mind

Thousands of people have already discovered the positive benefits of planning ahead. A funeral service is a very personal occasion and should reflect the life of the individual. Recognising this, our Funeral Plan offers three cremation options which you pay for at today’s prices with no worry about inflation. We also offer a burial option together with the opportunity to tailor make your own funeral arrangements to exactly as you wish with our bespoke Funeral Plan.

Funeral Service is staffed by local people with an understanding of, and strong links with the community in which they serve. We can offer you a genuinely local funeral service backed by the strength and reassurance of a unique, caring national organisation.

Why Choose a Funeral Pre-Payment
Plan Now?

Like most things funeral costs are rising all the time, but with our Funeral Plan you pay for your funeral at today’s prices, with nothing extra to pay – regardless of when the funeral takes place. No medical is required and there is no age limit but most importantly, no one will be left wondering if they are following your wishes or how they are going to pay.

A Simple Way to Choose

Our Funeral Pre-payment Plan offers four selected cremation options to choose from, plus the newly introduced Cremated Remains Plan.  Alternative, you can tailor-make your pre-arranged funeral plan for either cremation or burial.  You can take out a Funeral Plan for yourself, for your husband or wife, or for anyone close to you.

A Choice of Payment Method

You can pay for your Plan in a lump sum by cash, cheque, or credit card. Alternatively, additional flexible payment terms are available should you wish to spread your payments over 24 or 36 months. By pre-paying for your funeral arrangements, we cover any shortfall and protect you against inflation.

Protecting your investment and your rights

The Funeral Plan is backed by the high standards of customer protection you would expect from your local.

Three Good Reasons for Choosing the Funeral Plan:

1. Funds Independently Safeguarded
All Funeral Plan monies paid will be invested in individual whole of life insurance policies.

2. A Fair Code of Conduct
Funeral Service is a member of the Funeral Planning Authority and adheres to the Authorities strict and comprehensive Code of Conduct, designed to ensure fair dealings with customers.

3. Independent Conciliation and Arbitration Service
A client who is dissatisfied with the service provide by , should first contact us and in accordance to the Code of Conduct we will reply to you in writing within 7 working days of receiving your complaint.

If cannot resolve the complaint to the Client’s satisfaction, he or she should contact the Funeral Planning Authority. The Funeral Planning Authority provides an independent conciliation and arbitration service through The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

If in the course of any conciliation, or following the conclusion of arbitration, it appears that has infringed this Code of Practice, the Authority may take disciplinary action against them in accordance with its Rules..